Bridge Base OnLine (BBO)

All of Dave's internet based lessons are conducted on the web-based bridge playing site, Bridge Base Online (BBO). This site requires membership, which must be arranged before lessons start. The membership is FREE and only minimal personal information is required to sign up. If you are already a member of BBO, you can skip the rest of this page.

Become a member of BBO by clicking on <> or entering this URL into your browser. You will see the words Login/Register. Click on this link. A page will appear asking you to log in. Since you are not yet a member, click on <Become a member (free)>. The first four lines are the only information required. The screen name which will you will pick is the way you will be identified on the site. Your real name is not required. Agree to the terms of service and click <Register>. That's all that's to it.

Now you can log in using your new screen name and password. The first screen that comes up shows many groups of clickable items. On the left, click on the button labeled <Casual>, The next screen shows a number of places to play under the title Find Your Own Game. Click on <All Public and Private Clubs>. Then select <All Public Clubs>. A list of clubs will be shown. About a third of the way down is the club "Billies Retreat". Click on the <Show Tables> button. Click on <Open Tables> and select the table with Euvid as host. That is Dave's BBO screen name. Yyou will click on <Join> as a kibbitzer. Dave will explain the other features of the site during your lesson.