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Dave GermaineWelcome to Dave Germaine's bridge resource site.  You will find articles of general bridge interest written by Dave as well as by occasional guest authors.

Dave is a ACBL certified teacher in the Chicago area and you will find a listing of his current classes. He has recently been awarded the designation of Master teacher by the American Bridge Teachers Association. He teaches in face-to-face classroom settings and on the internet. 

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Starting October 28: Passed Hand Bidding

Experience has shown that active bidders do better at the table than passive bidders. Active bidders create more problems for their opponents and therefore, reap better results.  Aggressive bidding has its downsides, but there is one time that you can afford to be aggressive: when your partner has already passed. When you are in 3rd and 4th positions, a different set of rules apply to your openings and rebids.  This course will methodically cover “passed hand” bidding situations with lots of examples and opportunities to try out the new techniques you will have learned. Your opponents will look at you with a new respect once you unleash your new “passed hand” openings and follow ups. Course is 4 weeks.



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